Thankful Thursday, May 11, 2017!

Busy, Busy Week! We’re finalizing many of the decisions on the house we’re having built. If you’ve never built one, let me tell you, it seems there are a hundred things to decide for each room! Fun, but it almost requires more time than I have free.

I also had my 3 month check up with my pulmonary doctor. Somehow I got this rare infection (probably while in the hospital with my husband during his knee replacement) and it’s tough to get rid of. I take a cocktail of 7 pills for a YEAR (yes, a year) with bloodwork and a dr appt every 3 months. This was my 6 month visit and I was hoping for good news, but unfortunately, I’ve gotten a secondary lung infection that can’t be cured. So now on top of the meds I have an inhaler and this breathing device “thingy” I have to use twice daily.
Who has time for this!? Bleh. I know many of my readers are dealing with very serious issues, so I promise not to complain too often about something that, hopefully, will be manageable.

I’m in the final stretch for plans with this year’s #RAGT17! It’s an amazing event where readers & authors get to spend time together in a leisurely and laid back environment. This year’s event is booked solid but the 2 MAJOR booksignings are open to the public and are FREE to attend! You can see the full signing schedule for June 9th & 10th here:

Before we get into this week’s #ThankfulThursday giveaway, I want to tell you about a HUGE Mother’s Day Giveaway that started on Wednesday! Yes, we’ll have some giveaways overlapping. How fun is that!?
The winner will get a total of 15 books from amazing authors such as Susan Mallery, Jill Shalvis,
Marie Force
and many more, including, of course, Lori Foster 😉


To enter the Mother’s Day Giveaway, just LIKE my Facebook page and comment on one of the many Mother’s Day giveaway posts that we’ll have on the Facebook wall. Winner will be announced at 8am ET Monday morning, 5-15!

Now it’s time for #ThankfulThursday, which will include #autographed Under Pressure & Hard Justice from me.


Also the following books:
Heat Seeker from Lora Leigh,
Underworld Queen from Sharon Hamilton
All I Want Is You from Toni Blake


And we’ll include a Karen Rose tote bag.


Plus a booklover’s T-shirt!

Sizes vary for the T-shirts.


#ThankfulThursday is easy! Every Thursday, one name is randomly drawn from the LIKEs on my Facebook page and that person gets the featured goodies. Fun, right!?

Make sure to check back on my FB wall – – around 8:00pm EST on 5/11/17 to see if your name is posted!
If it is, you’ll need to get your mailing address to me within one day.

Deadline to send your address is 8pm 5/12/17!

And come back next Thursday for another #ThankfulThursday giveaway!

Happy reading to all,

Lori Foster


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