Thankful Thursday, March 30, 2017!

How is it already the end of March?? I feel like Christmas was 5 minutes ago – but I won’t complain about spring in the air! I love the milder weather. Even with the ups & downs so far this year, we’re off to a pretty good start.

To everyone who’s written a nice review for Hard Justice, the 2nd book in the Body Armor Series, I can’t say Thank You enough. If you ever wonder what gift to get an author, a review is always great. πŸ™‚

Fun news – on Tuesday I finished Close Contact, book 3 in the Body Armor Series. That’s Miles’s story, hitting shelves on November 28th. I’ll be starting Brand’s book next week…after I take off a few days to get some choices made for the new house we’re having built.

Now, on to this week’s #ThankfulThursday! I’m doing a “Two-Fer” edition this week. The winning reader will get:
2 books from Lori Foster
2 from Jill Shalvis
2 from Jules Bennett!

That means autographed copies of
Under Pressure & Hard Justice!


This week’s reader also gets copies of Sweet Little Lies & The Trouble with Mistletoe from Jill Shalvis. These will be “reader’s choice” of print or digital. Just specify your preference when claiming your prize.


Next I have autographed copies of Lost in You & Twin Secrets from Jules Bennett.


I’m also including a book lover’s T-shirt & tote bag, plus plenty of swag like bookmarks, magnets, etc…
If your name is posted as the winner, be sure to send your t-shirt size with your information.
(Sizes from S-3XL)



#ThankfulThursday is easy! Every Thursday, one name is randomly drawn from the LIKEs on my FB page and that person gets the featured goodies. Fun, right!?

Make sure to check back on my FB wall – – around 8:00pm EST on 3/30/17 to see if your name is posted!
If it is, you’ll need to get your mailing address to me within one day.

Deadline to send your address is 8pm 3/31/17!

And come back next Thursday for another #ThankfulThursday giveaway!

Happy reading to all,

Lori Foster


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