Thankful Thursday, December 22, 2016!

Wow, Christmas is in 3 Days! Hard to believe the year went by so quickly. We’re enjoying our holiday time with all of our family, including our middle son and daughter-in-law who are in from South Korea. This year is especially nice because they’re expecting. That’ll be grandbaby number 4 for me!

It’s been a chaotic month filled with fun that started with my annual brunch for some local reader and author friends, including, Toni Blake, Jules Bennet, Jessica Lemmon, John Lemmon, & Macy Beckett.

After that I had my annual kiddie party with my grandsons, great nieces and a few kids from family friends. And a few days later I had a baby shower for my lovely daughter-in-law and son. Great fun!

On Christmas Eve we’ll host both sides of the family for dinner and gifts. It’s been a tradition to have it at our house for many years and I love being the hostess.

But even with all that going on, I still wanted to do a special #ThankfulThursday for all the amazing readers who visit with me on Facebook.

It makes sense to give a prize pack of some of the books from my local author friends who visited during my holiday brunch. Since we gave away the books from John Lemmon, Jessica Lemmon, and Macy Beckett earlier in the week, how about
Christmas in Destiny by Toni Blake, Caught Up In You by Jules Bennett, and ARC’s of Under Pressure & Hard Justice from me for Thankful Thursday?
*These books don’t release until 2017*



#ThankfulThursday is easy! One name is randomly drawn from the LIKEs on my FB page and that person gets the featured goodies. Fun, right!?

Make sure to check back on my FB wall – – around 8:00pm EST tonight – 12/22/16 – to see if your name is posted!
If it is, you’ll need to get your mailing address to me within one day.

Deadline to send your address is 8pm 12/23/16!

And come back next Thursday for another #ThankfulThursday giveaway!

Happy reading to all,

Lori Foster


8 thoughts on “Thankful Thursday, December 22, 2016!

  1. Mary DeDpain says:

    I normally don’t do this but my mom could use a win yto cheer her up this Christmas! My grandpa passed away on Monday. You are her favorite author! Merry Christmas! I gave you her name and email address.


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